Harmony Greene wins the 2013 EarthCraft Communities Project of the Year Award

2013 EarthCraft Communities of the Year Award  Harmony GreeneAt this year’s Atlanta Southface’s 2013 EarthCraft Awards ceremony, Harmony Greene received the 2013 EarthCraft Communities Project of the Year Award.  Long Engineering, Inc. is proud to have provided the civil engineering services for this affordable, multi-family housing development located in Pooler, Georgia.  Our services included site design, grading and earthwork balancing, stormwater management facilities including water quality, utility layout, erosion and sediment control and NPDES documentation.

The unique stormwater management system designed for Harmony Greene maintains the existing drainage patterns of the site in an effort to minimize the impact of the development on the adjacent ecosystem.  Stormwater flows are conveyed across the site through sheet flow at the surface and into localized detention areas, in lieu of standard catchments and piping.  By promoting sheet flow in place of piping, the effect of concentrated flows discharged at a point is minimized.  Detention for the site is provided by localized detention basins created through the elevation of a proposed walking trail.  Stormwater volumes are detained behind the walking trail and controlled using a 6” low flow orifice and emergency weir built into the trail.  The goal of the basins is to be undetected and blend into the existing landscape during fair weather; only during periods of rain will their purpose be evident.

Harmony Greene is also certified as both an EarthCraft Coastal Community and LEED for Homes Gold.


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