Georgia Tech News Center features article on the Stormwater Master Plan

The link below will take you to a neat article about the stormwater master plan at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Long Engineering, Inc. completed the stormwater master plan for Basin A, a 180-acre area encompassing the northern portion of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s campus.  The master plan proposed to capture and reuse, infiltrate or evaporate the first 1.2” of rainfall within Basin A by:

  • Harvesting rainwater from rooftops, building condensate and foundation dewatering, store in a “clean” cistern and reuse to flush toilets in future buildings
  • Harvesting surface runoff and excess “clean” water and using it for irrigation, eliminating the need to use potable water to irrigate
  • Installing infiltration beds to reduce runoff and recharge the ground water

The master plan reduces the stormwater runoff volume from Basin A by 60 million gallons annually (4 times the City of Atlanta requirement) and peak rate by 17%, twice the City requirement.  Potable water use is reduced by 26 million gallons by using reuse water to flush toilets and irrigate landscaping.